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Olakemi Isese Ifá Aborisa

Olakemi Isese Ifá Aborisa –

Spiritual Advisor formerly known as MelanatedMomma

Younger generations are increasingly relying on alternative spiritual practices in order to feel more connected to themselves and the world and people around them. For many young people this means learning more about astrology. Interest in this topic is what leads many people to this spiritual advisor, Olakemi. Olakemi has built a platform that not only encourages people to learn more about their role in the world and universe but creates content that helps people heal and grow from their experiences. Olakemi’s entrepreneurial ventures in this area has also allowed Olakemi to create a lifestyle for Olakemi  and Olakemi’s son. While working on Olakemi’s career Olakemi was the first from her family to graduate from college. Olakemi also graduated from college at only 20 years old all while during a pandemic. Olakemi’s accomplishments has inspired and motivated so many people and continues to do so!

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Twitter: @melanatedmomma

Instagram: @melanatedmomma